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Why MHR?

Why My Health Records?

Staying healthy is the very best gift you can give to yourself and your loved ones. Here is how My Health Records helps you ensure a healthy lifestyle.

Manage your health better with My Health Records

From getting SMS updates about your appointments to alerts on when to take the prescribed medicines, My Health Records keeps you updated about all your medical needs.

Your Own Health Care

Team Create and manage your own healthcare team by adding health professionals of your choice. Get your health-related questions answered online by a panel of doctors and even add video or audio tags to your queries. You may even take online advice or request and schedule appointments on the go. This tagging facility is also available when you upload records, enabling your doctors to gain valuable insights into your condition. You also have the facility of using mobile web browser to access My Health Records. You may even share your health information with anyone, anywhere in the world. Surely, My Health Records is a wise step towards healthier living.

Proactive, Preventive, Palliative: My Health Records is surely your best bet

Whether you are proactively trying to diagnose ailments or are monitoring your reports as a preventive or palliative measure, My Health Records keeps all types and formats (papers, images, or videos) of your medical information safely. My Health Records has the technology and expertise to store the images after compressing them to about one twentieth of their original size. This has enormous advantages especially when one has to store and share images such as CT/MRI scans over the web with service providers. Now upload medical records in the manner that it is easily retrievable, aids better understanding of your condition, and lets you share your medical information with people only you trust.

Be ready, no matter what it may be

My Health Records aims to be the vital source of knowledge that arms your doctor/s with critical information about you. The more they know about you, the better can they treat you, hence having anywhere anytime access to your most critical medical information can go a long way in helping your doctor/s ensure that you are treated in the best possible way, without wasting time and resources. Bring our unique services to your doorstep.

In this fast-paced life, it is difficult to keep a track of all your reports and uploading it on a system can be taxing. To help you manage better, we have come up with a special concierge service, where we collect your medical records from your doorstep, digitize and upload them, and return your records, at your doorstep. Use this confidential Health Record Management System to encapsulate a comprehensive detail of your past and present health conditions and even your family's medical history.

Share vital information securely with My Health Records

Safety and security is surely a paramount concern for us. We use state-of-the-art 128-bit encryption technology that is being used by India's most prestigious banking and financial institutions. To ensure complete disaster recovery, all medical records are kept securely on multiple servers, at three different continents. We are soon introducing 256-bit encryption technology to further improve security - all this, to make sure that your critical health information remains for exclusive use of your wellbeing.

Extend this invaluable gift to your loved ones

Sharing is the very best way to show you care. Extend this unique life-saving gift to your loved ones and even your pets.


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